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    Montgomery Town Council wants to run in an open and transparent way. Here is a graphic to show where the Council spent money during the 6-month period from April to October 2018. The accounts are available annually from the Clerk once they have been audited (usually around July each year). All council meetings are open to the public. Town Council costs included the part-time Town Clerk’s salary; office and running costs; insurances and audit costs. Town Hall running costs included, for example, Council Tax, utilities, cleaning and licences. As previously reported, Montgomery Town Hall is being extensively refurbished. The initial expenditure relating to the refurbishment occurred during this period, and costs will be included in future years’ spend through repayment of the public works loan used to fund the work. The Town Council is currently in discussion with the Montgomery Community Buildings Preservation Trust (MCBPT) about transferring the Town Hall over to the charity to be managed for the benefit of the community. Amenity and recreation costs during this period included, for example, grass cutting, the recycling site and floral displays. In the coming year, amenity and recreation spend will include maintenance of the defibrillators and necessary repair work to the two children’s playgrounds in the town. Communications includes, for example, the website and providing wi-fi at the Town Hall and Broad Street. In the coming year, the Council will also be making a contribution to The Crier newsletter. Projects include events, consultation regarding brown signs, and Destination Montgomery. In the coming year, project spend will include work to Whitegate Pool. In 2018, extensive repairs to the Montgomeryshire County Memorial were undertaken, managed under the auspices of the Council by a small group of volunteers. This work was funded by substantial grants from Powys County Council, other donations (including from Churchstoke, Berriew, Forden and Newtown Councils), and reserved funds earmarked for the town and county memorials. This separately managed budget has not been included in the chart above. In 2019, a further small amount of memorial funds will be spent on protecting the trees at the County Memorial and installing waterproof lighting at the town memorial garden. Note that the graphic shows Council expenditure only, over the most recent 6-month period. The Council’s income included the precept (portion of council tax), grant funding and donations, Town Hall income, event income etc. The Council also holds some ear-marked funds in reserve for particular planned spends. - Cllrs Cerys Thomas, Claire Weston and Lionel Weaver on behalf of Montgomery Town Council

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    A family circus contacted Montgomery Town Council earlier this year looking for a site the size of a football pitch on which it might be possible to hold their circus in Montgomery. The animal-free circus would provide family entertainment at a reasonable price to encourage people of all ages to enjoy the circus experience, with their capacity for up to 400 people in their marquee.  The Town Council agreed to support this in principle, and are now awaiting further contact from the Circus and hoping that a successful plan can be made, and that the Circus will come to town. Image: Enjoying the show! - Monty's Got Talent at the Street Fair - by Adam at G17

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    Information regarding garden waste for residents of Montgomery and Powys: Powys County Council​ green bins at the ‘bring sites’ will be removed sometime after 1st April. PCC are providing an ‘opt in’ service for collection of green waste going forward which involves registering and paying an annual fee. Under this service, garden waste will be collected every fortnight at the kerbside from April to November for an annual fee of £35 for a 240ltr wheeled bin (£30 for a 120ltr).  Montgomery Town Council would have liked the green bins to remain at the ‘bring site’ as they were a valuable and well-used facility, but the decision was out of their control. One aim of the change is to avoid green waste having to be sent to landfill when the bins are misused and the waste contains incorrect items. Garden waste bins will continue to be available at the Welshpool and Newtown Household Waste Recycling Centres. Check opening days and times at https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/725/Recycling-centres Montgomery Energy Group​'s May meeting (Monday 20th May) will host a workshop on "How to make garden compost" by Helen Porter. All are welcome to find out more about home composting and get practical advice on this. You can read about and register for PCC's garden waste collections athttps://en.powys.gov.uk/gardenwastewhere you can also find a link to full terms and conditions. Alternatively, you can subscribe by calling 01597 827465. Read more about the background to the changes at https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/6955/Garden-waste-collection-service Please be aware that if you use a gardener to remove your waste, they need to be properly licensed for removal of the waste otherwise you as the householder become liable.

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    Contractors must supply all machinery, tools, materials, fuel and have adequate Public Liability Insurance (Copy of insurance cover required) Contract will be for one year commencing 1st April 2019 Form Download Grassed Areas to be Maintained:  

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    After years of planning and consultation with local residents, Montgomery Town Hall is being extensively refurbished, bringing this Georgian building into the 21st century with modern facilities. Over a number of years, funds have been set aside by the Town Council and Montgomery Community Buildings and Preservation Trust in preparation for this work, but the plans finally coming to fruition means there will be a necessary uplift in the precept (the Town Council proportion of Council Tax) this year for residents which is above inflation. The increase for 2019-20 is equivalent to approximately £1.13 a month extra for the average household, though the figure will vary according to each property’s Council Tax band (for example, it will be around 94p a month for a band D property). The Montgomery Town Council budget, about 75% of which comes from the precept, also pays for the two children’s playgrounds in the town, grounds maintenance in and around the town, the part-time town clerk’s salary, amenity and recreation sites, tourist information and floral displays. It additionally covers repairs and maintenance to items such as defibrillators, benches and signage. Cllr Mike Mills explained “We know nobody wants to see an increase in their Council Tax, but we also know how much this building means to the community. This will mean we can make this iconic building, sitting at the heart of Montgomery, sustainable for the future.” He adds, “Montgomery Town Hall will be more accessible to users, and complying with best practice. It will be a facility that can be maximised for a range of social, economic and community uses in the future.” ===== Average household figure based on 603 households as quoted in Powys County Council’s Local Area Profile for Montgomery (which uses 2011 census data) Band D figure based on the 2019-20 council tax base (number of Band D equivalent properties) for the Montgomery Town Council area