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Montgomery Town Council and the community will be working with Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust to survey species and look at the ecology and the environment to see if Whitegate Pool meets the criteria to be designated a Local Wildlife Site. MWT has trained a large number of Montgomeryshire volunteer surveyors over the last couple of years and will look to engage the community as widely as possible in this venture.

The area is important to local people and is seen as offering a tranquil haven with its delightful wooden birds and animals and picnic table adding to the attraction.

"We look forward to surveying the site in the summer and working with Montgomery Town Council for the benefit of the site, the wildlife that lives there and the local people." - MWT

Considerable thanks are due to Jeny Heard who for some 12 years has organised regular local volunteer work groups at the Pool and advised on correct management to ensure a good environment for wildlife whilst keeping trees, hedgerows, invasive species and reed growth within bounds. Jeny has had many years working as a volunteer with MWT, and is currently a Warden at Roundton Reserve so she has brought an immense amount of knowledge and experience to benefit the site. She is also a bird recorder and will be regularly seen down at the somewhat larger lake on the Lymore Estate noting species and numbers.

After many years Jeny is stepping back from an organising role but is sure to continue to take an active interest, particularly with MWT involvement. The site is owned by the Town Council who send a resounding vote of thanks to Jeny for all she has done both at the Pool and in engaging the community with the site.

Photo: Jeny Heard at Whitegates Pool (Image credit: David Wilson)