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0 First female firefighter for Montgomery

  • by Montgomery Wales News Team
  • 10-02-2019

This week, Nancy Lagdon will join the ranks of Montgomery’s retained firefighters as the first female to join the station, having successfully completed her initial training.

Nancy, who lives in Montgomery and works at the Dragon Hotel in town, said, “I was thrilled to be accepted and the crew has been really supportive and welcoming. The fact they all love what they do is inspirational.” She added, “The training has been tough at times, but - as they tell you from the beginning - if it was easy, everyone would be a firefighter!”  

Montgomery fire station works with retained firefighters, and the team regularly attends call-outs to fires, road traffic accidents and other incidents - on average over 100 incidents a year - as well as providing fire safety checks for householders.

Nancy told the Community News Team,I am proud to be the first female firefighter in Monty, but let's get some more in! You get a chance to help your community and start a career that you can thrive in. I'm super excited to start my career in the service and can't wait for more women to get involved!”