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  • by Montgomery Wales News Team
  • 10-05-2019

"Way back in the noughties and under the leadership of Mayor Bob Jones, the Town Council decided that the township of Montgomery needed new signs on the roads to welcome visitors. Rather than pick signs from a catalogue, the council chose to have a competition to design the best signs for the community. Several entries were received from school-children and artists, but in the end the council voted on an entry by Philip Humphreys. The new signs were commissioned, cast by a company in Derbyshire, and fitted at every road entrance to the town. They were quite a spectacle when they were installed, and gave a really wonderful welcome both to visitors and to residents returning home.

"Now in 2019, the once bright and beautiful signs are now looking a bit dull and sad! Although over the years many residents including myself have been round and cleaned them all, the Welsh weather has taken its toll, with the sunshine fading the paint and the frost and rain causing the aluminium to corrode - not to mention the salt and grit from winter road maintenance. I spoke to the original sign-makers in Derbyshire, who are still in business and remember making the signs – they even still have all the details of the paint colours. They have agreed to refurbish and repaint the township signs back to their original standard. With a bit of local help, I am going to take all the signs down and drive them over to Derbyshire and then collect and refit them once they have been restored. They will be stripped back to bare aluminium, then primed and repainted, and should then last another 20 years.

"I have set up a JustGiving crowdfunding page to raise £1500 to carry out the restoration. We have all been hit with a big council tax raise this year and every pound the Council spend will impact next year’s budget and every household’s pocket, so I thought, why not take this one on and see if we can give the town a boost without hitting those who may not see the benefit of the new signs. The Town Council have agreed to make a contribution if it’s needed. JustGiving is really easy to do: follow the link below or go to justgiving.com and search ‘Montgomery town signs’. Or you can call into the Dragon hotel and make a donation at reception.

"Thanks to all of you who have already donated and all who choose to help. If the target is not met, I will refurbish as many signs as I can, starting with the worst one first."

- Simon Bedford, Broad Street, Montgomery


Picture by G17 Photography Services