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0 Improved Recycling at Show BBQ

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  • by Montgomery Wales News Team
  • 10-06-2019

After the Montgomery Show Barbecue on Sunday 2nd June, a team of volunteers assisted Montgomery Energy Group (MEG) with sorting the rubbish.

Many of the items used at the barbecue, including food bowls and trays, and wooden cutlery, were compostable. This is a vast improvement on polystyrene and wax paper containers which would have had to go to landfill. Many more people are getting accustomed to checking which bins the rubbish goes into and supporting the reducing and recycling effort.

MEG’s Jeremy Thorp said, “Thank you to all the volunteers for helping, to the organisers for considering our environment in their planning, and to everyone for making the effort with the different bins.” Local zero-waste activist, Katrina Collins, commented, “This is awesome! Small steps make lasting changes. Well done Monty!”