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  • by Montgomery Wales News Team
  • 31-05-2019

People attending Montgomery’s Thursday market were given the opportunity to discuss healthcare issues with members of Powys Community Health Council (CHC), as part of their work to feed back local views into the planning and delivery of local health services. Naren Keeble from the Community Health Council said, “We are doing consultations in a number of places, and have been getting a good response today at Montgomery.”

Members of Powys CHC regularly attend events throughout the county to hear about the difficulties that people face with health services.  The main issues raised at Montgomery market were about doctor and dentist appointments, as well as the difficulty in understanding which health services are available and where they are available from - as there is no general hospital within the county.

Mrs Mary Gould, who was sharing her views, said, “I think the health service is very good - especially from the specialist nurse practitioners, who are wonderful.”  

Powys CHC member and Montgomery resident Dr Anthea Wilson said, “People were full of praise for the service they receive, but getting appointments with doctors and dentists can prove difficult and leaves patients feeling anxious and frustrated.”  Another key issue raised was that when a patient is referred for treatment they are not kept up-to-date with the latest information on when they may be seen; this also leads patients to worry that they have been forgotten about.

The Powys CHC team talks to the public to find out their views on services but also visit hospital wards and surgeries to check whether the services that we all receive are of a high standard. It also allows patients to give their views at the time that they are being treated. The team then acts on this information through discussion with the hospitals and surgeries to improve the patient experience.

Powys CHC also offers an Independent Complaints Advocacy Service. If you are unhappy with the care and treatment that you, or someone else, is currently receiving or has received from the NHS then the advocacy team is there to support you. They can be contacted on 01874 610646.

The patient engagement team at Powys CHC (Flora and Naren) enjoyed their day at Montgomery market and you will see them around the county throughout the summer.  For more information on where you can find

Image: Naren Keeble listens to Mary Gould’s views during the consultation at Montgomery