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0 Pre-election laughs at comedy alternative hustings

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  • by Montgomery Wales News Team
  • 12-12-2019
Following the “real” hustings event at the Town Hall the previous week, Sarah Morris of Field Mouse Research organised and hosted an alternative comedy hustings quiz on the same stage, with panellists including prospective parliamentary candidates who didn’t end up appearing on the Montgomeryshire ballot papers.
Team captains Myfanwy Alexander and Elwyn Vaughan (Plaid Cymru) were joined by guests Oliver Lewis (Brexit Party) and Jeremy Thorp (Green Party) for some light relief from the General Election 2019. The quiz, based on a well-known television format, was entitled “Have I Got Welsh News for You” and featured rounds such as ‘Whose Dog?’, ‘Odd One Out’ and ‘How Many Trees?’. Audience members were invited to bring along a sense of humour and leave their political affiliations at home, which they did - and in fact the first point in the quiz went to the audience!
It wasn’t all silliness, with the audience picking up some statistical knowledge - such as that 1 billion trees would cover 1% of the UK’s area, and that 1 million eggs leave Powys each day - and hearing an interesting discussion on the processes behind the party decisions to form alliances. Host Sarah ended on a serious note, encouraging everyone to appreciate all the work of candidates and local party members who give up so much time for campaigning.
Author Sandra Lindsey, who helped put together the evening’s on-screen presentation, live-tweeted from the event. Comments on Twitter included Maryline Leese: “Good fun at Have I Got Welsh News For You tonight. Great way to give the candidates that couldn't stand in Montgomeryshire (following Remain and Leave alliances here) a platform to hear their views. Thanks Sarah Morris for hosting. Really enjoyed it.” Emma Wilde Hale tweeted: “Fantastic evening, fun, laughs and genuine good humour from all, as Sarah Morris put it, the ‘reject candidates’. Big shout out to Field Mouse Research and everyone who arranged it. Craig Williams was even brave enough to join towards the end (missing the earlier comments about his hair).”
Sarah Morris said, “A gazillion thanks to Myfanwy Alexander, Elwyn Vaughan, Jeremy Thorp and Oliver Lewis for making the event such a success. And thanks to Sandra Lindsey for her technical wizardry and Montgomery Vineyard and Montys Brewery for the fab prizes!” She added, “Most of all, thanks to everyone who came, laughed along with us - even when they were the comedy target (Craig Williams) - and left their political frustrations at home for the evening. It was so much fun. Just goes to show, there's not much in life that can't be improved by laughter!”